Americans for Homeopathy Choice (AFHC) is a non-partisan, 501c(3)- tax deductible, national nonprofit formed to:

1. Support the rights of the 6 million (and growing) Americans who use homeopathy.
2. Protect access to homeopathic medicines so that practitioners can treat their clients using the full range of homeopathic medicines.
3. Support manufacturers of homeopathic medicines which meet the standards for strength, quality, and purity.
Include consumers, practitioners, manufacturers, and other supporters of homeopathic medicine in its efforts.

AFHC’s goal is to work with Congress and the FDA to restate the longstanding, clear distinction in the law between homeopathic and pharmaceutical drugs and to guide FDA enforcement policies to distinguish between products which meet homeopathic standards and those which may be adulterated, misbranded, or improperly labeled as homeopathic. This will ensure continued access to homeopathic medicine, an essential component of health care for a growing number of individuals.

We are funded by donations from people who believe in our mission. We have a far-flung group of officers and volunteers who help us lobby, spread awareness and gather support for our activities.

We believe modern medicine can co-exist with homeopathy and other traditional healing arts. Many doctors trained at the world’s medical colleges are choosing to incorporate traditional healing arts into their practices to complement and sometimes replace modern medical interventions. These doctors accept that there can be more than one useful model of human health and disease and are glad to have the option to use whichever model works most effectively for their patients.

We think the full array of treatment options should be available to physicians and patients. We believe that responsibility for health decisions ought to rest with the adult who is being treated or whose children are being treated.

If you believe as we do, we hope you will join us by donating, volunteering and connecting with your members of Congress and with those in your community who share our passion for freedom of choice in matters of health.

Americans for Homeopathy Choice
Paola Brown, President and Founder