Dayana will be offering Somatic Healing and Energy Medicine, including the Arcturian Healing Light.

We hear much about our heart, with its 40,000 dendrites, and its ability to send more messages to the brain than any other organ, earning it the name “Heart’s little brain”.

Accurately called “the Seat of the Soul”, spirituality has also explored the heart’s potential for authenticity, kindness, and love. These days, the new renaissance of psychedelic therapies and their current research is showing that opening our hearts has the potential to heal depression, PTSD, and more. When we can see brain scans of how brain & heart coherence can generate more energy in the brain than we ever thought possible, thanks to Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work & his research team. 

But… What if there was a simpler way to open our heart’s gateway, which we could open anywhere, anytime? One provided by the Arcturians, multidimensional beings assisting us in our process of Ascension? 

Join me to explore how the Arcturian Healing Light and its supportive energy can serve as a bridge to love and compassion, opening our hearts and expanding our consciousness. We will share information and a brief transmission of Arcturian Healing Light as part of this calming & grounding presentation. All are welcome.

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