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Beautiful Tibet

Handmade Tibetan healing bowls, jewelry, statues, prayer wheels and beads, incense, and much more. I was born in India as an exiled Tibetan. In late 1995 I came to America. I decided that…

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Circle of Miracles

Circle of Miracles invites you to join our vibrant spiritual community and experience the magic of our talented healers and readers. Alongside, we proudly showcase an array of transformative spiritual products. Whether you’re…

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Gypsy Hydration

Gypsy Hydration, under the leadership of CEO Bobbi, a seasoned nurse with almost three decades of experience, is dedicated to offering a range of IV infusion formulas focused on health and wellness. With…

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Hello Dia

Crystals in all forms and shapes (spheres, towers, carvings, jewelry, freeform, etc.), body products (balm, scrubs, etc.), room sprays, incense, sage, palo santo, sun catchers, dried eucalyptus, & more (more…)

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The mission of LifeWave is to enhance the well-being of individuals, allowing them to feel better, look younger, and lead lives brimming with joy. We achieve this by harnessing the body’s innate energy…

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P.F. Chang’s

Known for our traditional recipes, innovative beverage offerings, and celebratory dining atmosphere, P.F. Chang’s Plymouth Meeting is the perfect setting for your next event. Our menus offer a variety of curated recipes from…

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Positive Energetics

Biofeedback for people and pets for aligning chakras, opening meridians, emotional traumas, and allergiescrystal light therapy I sell biofeedback programmed crystals, biofeedback programmed jewelry, and biofeedback programmed crystal plant clipping holders. Jillian Course(609)…

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Sacred Soul Messenger

As a Shamanic Healer, Mentor, Reiki Master, Akashic Record Facilitator and Channeler, I offer Mentorships ~ short or long term, Healing, Release of Deep Traumatic Concerns, Anxiety, Depression, Compulsive thoughts, Vision Quests, Past-Life…

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Stumps Cozy Comfort

Crochet items and jewelry. Crochet items such as: blankets (full, throw and baby), security blankets, regular scarves and support service scarves, soap scrubbies and cat butt coasters. Jewelry such as: necklaces and earrings.…

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SunPsychic Jean

SunPsychic Jean will provide psychic and medium readings, interpret messages from loved ones who have crossed over. SunPsychic Jean will also provide messages from pets still here in this world and those who…

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