AWAKEN CHE was started to fill a growing need: to help Humanity evolve to its next level in consciousness, spirituality, and physical well-being. Many people are either awakening for the first time or being reawakened and called back to use the gifts they were born with. AWAKEN is here to support the journey of awakening for us all.

AWAKEN is a resource, community, and platform to experience and facilitate growth for ourselves, individually and for the collective. We promote and encourage self-healing, empowerment, and the spreading of presence and awareness.

Our only belief is no one path is for everyone. We aren’t here to tell you what’s right for you, what to believe, or how it’s done. We are here to offer possibilities and allow you to choose what is right for your own growth and evolution.

All of our events are designed to raise awareness and consciousness through education, meditation, self-reflection, healing, and social gatherings.

We love to bring people together. Whether you are new to a path of Awakening (you are not alone) or have been on your path for years (even your whole life), know that love, support, and new friends are awaiting you!

Our Website:

The AWAKEN website serves as a knowledge base and resource to discover spiritual, holistic, and alternative events, businesses, and practitioners and is a hub to discover and connect with others in the community around the world.

Please help us grow through participation, sharing, and donations.
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Create Peace. Share Joy. Be Love.