“This was my first Holistic Expo and the experience was absolutely FABULOUS. Everyone I met there graciously accepted me with a kind heart. The food was delicious, the vendors had some AWESOME items to sell, and there was an AMAZING variety of healing and reading techniques. I cannot wait to attend and be of service next year.”

~ Erica

“It was truly great!! I met a lot of people and was busy all day. The healing that was going on around me was quite evident by the hugs and smiles… the energy was palpable. The AWAKEN Expo was GREAT and I can’t wait for next years. Thanks again.”


“Awaken Center for Human Evolution is truly a gift for the attendees, readers, healers, speakers, community and the world! When we all align with an intention to spiritually grow within ourselves, it elevates and holds a field of intentionality for mass consciousness as well. What a blessing for all involved to be part of such a powerful synergistic expression of Love, trust, faith, inspiration and empowerment!!!
Thank You, Greg and team, for creating such a beautiful expansion of Light and Love for the world!”

~ Karen

It’s gratifying to be able to help so many people in a relatively short time. Attendees came with powerful intentions and they were met with all manner of assistance. The energy was palpable as practitioners’ energy connected with attendees’ energy and combined into something far greater than the individuals. Lives were transformed in just minutes. Those who stepped up and accepted the help they needed are now poised to enter the new year with clarity of purpose and are empowered to create more success, happiness and peace. I’d say that’s a winning combination.

~ Debbra

“This was an amazing weekend experience as a healer and participant with high quality healers, readers, and vendors. The atmosphere created was one of high vibration and oneness, a true healing experience for all who attended. There was a good variety of healing modalities and readings to choose from. I especially loved the workshops in which a community of like minded individuals came together to share a beautiful experience with each other. As a healer, it was one of the most well run and high frequency Holistic Expos I have participated in.”

~ Joyce

“Thank you so much for the AWAKEN Holistic Expo. The healing going on was off the charts! I learned and healed a lot that day. Many thanks to all the healers, musicians, and organizers. I look forward to future events.”

~ Elsa

Greg Campisi’s attention to detail, combined with his generous spirit, make for the perfect Holistic Expo. This was my first time participating as a vendor at the Awaken Expo, and everything was handled beautifully! From a welcoming and spacious venue, to a wide range of readers & healing services, informative lectures, to the eclectic array of vendors, this was a most enjoyable event for attendees & participants alike. Kudos to Greg and Awaken! If you were there, you’ll be back next year!

~ Happy Vendor

“Thank you for organizing this wonderful Holistic Expo! I met with several gifted and compassionate healers and had extraordinary experiences. I also gathered information about modalities and healers in the area. You are providing a much needed service! “


“I was blown away at the AWAKEN Holistic Expo – people came together, shared, laughed, supported each other, met up with old friends and made new ones.  We are being guided to come together at this crucial time of the dawning of this New Era in Consciousness to create self-sustaining communities that thrive in The New Way, for the old is crumbling before our eyes.  The AWAKEN Holistic Expo is how we do it!”