Gypsy Hydration, under the leadership of CEO Bobbi, a seasoned nurse with almost three decades of experience, is dedicated to offering a range of IV infusion formulas focused on health and wellness. With formulas like Immunity Boost, Migraine Relief, and Pagana’s Pregame, our treatments primarily consist of essential vitamins and minerals.

We provide private home appointments and cater to small private events at group rates. For larger gatherings, our 10’x20’ tent equipped with chairs can accommodate multiple customers simultaneously, creating a festival-like experience. Each session begins with a consultation with our knowledgeable nurses to determine the most suitable formula for your needs. Our professional staff ensures a comfortable and relaxed environment throughout your visit.

Dr. Charles Pagana, our esteemed Medical Director, brings over two decades of experience as a state-licensed physician since 1994. His commitment to community well-being aligns seamlessly with our mission of promoting health and wellness through Gypsy Hydration’s services.

Gypsy Hydration
Bobbi Drumheiser, RN
(570) 900-1775

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