As a Shamanic Healer, Mentor, Reiki Master, Akashic Record Facilitator and Channeler, I offer Mentorships ~ short or long term, Healing, Release of Deep Traumatic Concerns, Anxiety, Depression, Compulsive thoughts, Vision Quests, Past-Life Regressions, Akashic Records access & healing.  My job is to help you facilitate the healing needed for you to make a positive and lasting shift in your life.  

I create One of a Kind Smudging Fans: As I’ve gained experience & Spiritual Gifts, I’ve worked closely with My Spirit Team to create One of a Kind Smudging Fans in connection with the recipient’s Spirit Guides pick each feather, feather placement, crystal, crystal placement & type of handle. Cool things began to happen ~ I would find Spirit Animals in the driftwood, began to channel the purpose of each fan & be able to tell a story with each fan.

Creating the fans has become a labor of love <3.

I offer traditional native american medicines that include sage & sweetgrass.

I sell unique & one of a kind crystals only harvested from ethical sources all around the world at wholesale prices!

A Sacred Year of Shamanism is an Individual Program is tailored to your unique needs & learning styles. With each month of this journey ~ you will experience yourself at multiple spiritual levels while learning how to Shamanic Journey while experiencing journeying, Working in the light, Removal Negative Energies & so much more!