Marconics Ascension Energy is heralded by Spirit as: ‘The Vehicle of Ascension’; RECALIBRATING the Holographic Body Templates in preparation for 5D & 7D. 

Full-spectrum Marconics Frequencies are drawn down from the Infrared System of the Cosmos to UPGRADE the Ascending Human vehicle to thrive in increasingly higher dimensions. Marconics Ascension Energy Protocols facilitate the rapid shedding of karmic debris; for spontaneous healing, to raise vibration, access newly available encodements, transmute miasma from the DNA, activate higher levels of dormant Spiritual DNA, and harmonize the Shadow-Self with Spirit, for connection to dimensionalized Source fields.

  • Heal the fragmented Soul through the Higher Self Lineage 
  • Activate ‘Infinite Quantum Strand’ DNA 
  • RECALIBRATE Subtle Body Templates 
  • Reclaim your ‘Wings’ through the Hierogamy of Christos/Sophia 
  • Become SOVEREIGN Masters of Co-creation 

“Hail Traveler – I have waited for you. You grew weary from the battle and dozed too long in the sun. Now you awaken to a thundering storm. Have you forgotten your Covenant? THIS IS YOUR CLARION CALL!”

Robin Landau
Marconics Master Teacher