Pranic Healing can do some amazing things! In this presentation, you will hear about someincredible healings from the healers at Pranic Healing Bucks County, including cases of Parkinson’s disease, Covid coma, severe pneumonia, obesity, chronic anxiety, and more. You’ll learn what affects healing time and results, and how to access Pranic Healing for yourself or a loved one.

Alison Kritzer

Alison Sahoo holds a BS in Physics and an MBA. She began Pranic Healing in 2013 and serves as Executive Director of Pranic Healing Bucks County, a 501c3 organization. Each week, PHBC offers meditation and healing events both in person and on Zoom. 

Alison recently completed the rigorous Pranic Psychotherapy Certification and leads a group of healers who work pro bono on Covid patients, as part of Project Hope for Healing. Alison is a professional Pranic Healer and a Pranic Healing Teacher Trainer Candidate. Learn more at