Freedom is the ultimate goal of us all.  When we have freedom from the beliefs and patterns that bind us, we are able to create and master our reality.

In this workshop I will guide you in a short meditation and  then I will introduce you to the methods I have used to heal myself  from all physical illnesses and live a life of abundance in all areas of life with ease.  I have taught this to many who now have peace, joy, abundance, and knowingness that they master of whatever they experience in form.

There will be interaction and discussion with each other and feedback on how it impacts you physically and emotionally. 

I will also refer you to some things in my book “Your Peaceful  Life“ which can be purchased in the AWAKEN store.  I will be using this along  the workbook companion that goes with it in the full workshop coming to the AWAKEN Center.

This is an introduction workshop that will absolutely impact your way of thinking of new possibilities for your life.  In the April workshop we will go more in depth and you will be experience freedom from what you choose to address.

In the meantime, believe and know that I AM is who you are and where your understanding of this is is your power.

Robin Sanet

I am extremely passionate about what to do. I receive great joy and gratitude when I see individuals rise to their own divinity within. Today I help struggling individuals break patterns, see through limitations, and live lives free of internal chaos. Life is filled with patterns that hold us back and cloud our potential, however I firmly know that everyone can have a life where you are truly FREE.