Are you ready for the next wave of Ascension? 
Ascension out of 3D is over! Ascension into 5D is halfway through, and Ascension into 7D is just beginning! 
[Advanced/Initiate] Teacher [Your Name] explains how Marconics RECALIBRATES the physical body for the assimilation of higher dimensional realities! And how the subtle bodies heal in synthesis, repairing corruption and distortions inherent in human DNA, through Marconics protocols; Activating Higher Spiritual DNA, and bringing all aspects of fragmented SELF into Unification with Source, through the alignment of multi-dimensional holographic body templates. 

Hear why it is essential to balance the Ego-Mind with the Spirit, and harmonize the ascending Physical, Mental and Emotional bodies throughout 144 fractal dimensions:
RECALIBRATE and thrive in the Avatar Consciousness Matrix
RECLAIM your Wings through the hierogamy of Christos/Sophianic frequencies
EMBODY SOVEREIGNTY – as Masters of Co-creation

Learn about ‘The State of the Universe’, ‘The Planetary SHIFT’, and how to access and assimilate recently anchored Mother Arc/Aqua Ray Magnetics for the NEXT Wave of Ascension.

Robin Landau
Marconics Master Teacher