Have you ever thought more deeply as to why our heart health is measured by an electrocardiogram? Or our brain health measured by an electroencephalogram? I invite you to come and think of your body in a completely different way… to empower yourself to take charge of your own health and well being, to generate a body full of energy and resistant to disease, and to realize how your mind, body, and spirit can soar with the healing power of light!

Hi, I’m Dawn Wadsworth. Back in 1991, I earned an MS degree and have been working as a school psychologist in K-12 public education for the last 30 years. However, my true education began in 2011 when the untimely death of my older brother, followed by the death of my parents would catapult me into a new journey of what it means to live and be well.

These experiences have raised many difficult questions for me. In response, the universe has answered by introducing people, things, and situations into my life that have been significantly life altering. One of those things has been LifeWave. I have spent my entire adult career serving others and I look forward to a new way of serving others by literally sharing the healing light of LifeWave!

Dawn Wadsworth
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