Tai chi and qigong are ancient holistic health systems that unify the practitioner’s mind, body, spirit, and emotions by cultivating life energy (Chi or qi) , with synchronized breath and smooth relaxed movements. Participants of these systems can benefit from relaxation, grounding, stagnation release, increased circulation, self awareness, connection, and overall health and healing of the body’s diverse systems.¬†

Hasan Rucker is a lover of life, art, movement, wellness, spirituality, knowledge, and energy work. His holistic aspirations to advance human culture and well-being, through the use of mind, body, and spirit cultivation techniques, have led him upon an inspired life path of Holistic Wellness. Since his early days interning with the art department and physical education teachers during his formative education, a desire to find the links between mind, body, spirit, energy, and expression has led Hasan upon an artistic journey of discovery. This Quest particularly led Hasan to become a practitioner of mind, body, and spirit healing arts of the world, in the form of Wushu Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan, Qigong, Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality, and Qi / Prana healing. Currently Hasan is a Holistic Wellness Consultant, employed as a Health and Wellness teacher at a special needs private school in Philadelphia.

Hasan Rucker