Introductory Sessions available for a special expo price.

Learn about this unique and powerful modality – take the first step today to change the repeating patterns that are holding you back & take control of your life and learn to be able to assist others to make changes.  Holographic Kinetics is down to earth and direct, working with the most powerful force – your Spirit. 

“Nothing has to be the way it was” – Steve Richards 

Clearing the original cause in the invisible to flow through and change the visible world of reality. Healing the Past in the Present creating a new outcome for your Future. See the website for more information & testimonials:

Can assist to clear:
*Attempted Suicide or Self-harm
*Emotional or Compulsive Disorders
*Anger, Guilt or Violence issues
*Voices in the head
*Depression, Fear, Shame, Anxiety
*Pain, Anguish or Trauma
*Drug or Alcohol dependency issues
*PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
*Physical, Emotional or Sexual abuse
*Repeat offenders or Stuck in time
*Tourette Syndrome
*Paranormal activity
*Relationship issues
*Lack of Confidence
*Blocks to Success 
*Inter-generational Trauma
*Interdimensional interference
* Paranormal activity
& Much more

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