I am a Holistic Nurse, Intuitive Energy Healer, Quantum Frequency Coach, Yoga Practitioner, Mother, Kombucha cultivator, and Muffin maker.

I am excited to be venturing into the world of Quantum Science with the Healy bioresonance frequency device… and I am seeing major shifts in my consciousness and life! I want to share this with anyone who feels resonant with this and to unlock the innate wisdom within their own body, mind, and spirit and to heal any subconscious blocks in the mind or stuck energy in the body that causes repeated patterns of disharmony or dis-ease.

I plan to set up a frequency space for people to come relax and rejuvenate and experience the free atmospheric magnetic healing frequencies from the MagHealy which uses quantum analyzed frequencies with a pulsating magnetic field to harmonize ur surrounding space.

It also functions to charge and inform Water with quantum analyzed frequencies. 
You can also use it on the body with frequency specific microcurrents for the bioenergetic field with activated dual frequencies to target energetic imbalances.

I will be offering:

  • Healy Bioresonance Device¬†
  • Quantum Personalized Frequency transmission sessions.
  • Individualized Aura and Chakra biofeedback scans and scalar wave vibrations sessions.
  • Human Design Readings.
  • Intuitive Readings

Emerge Quantum Wellness
Amanda Jones
(215) 385-2069

Social Media: @Emerge_Quantum_Wellness