Amberly has been a professional animal communicator and nature intuitive since 2008. Her experience and training are in both Telepathic Animal Communication and Shamanic Animal Communication and she has worked with hundreds of animals from all over the world both domestic and wild.

Her passion is to help deepen the connection and understanding between people and their animals. Amberly believes all animals come into our lives with beautiful messages, things to share and lessons to teach us. She describes her work as tapping into that beautiful thread that connects between you and your animal’s heart, bringing the words out from your animal’s perspective. This can be a life changing experience, as they are sharing with you all that they see in you, appreciate in your relationship, the agreement that exists between you both in this lifetime and how you can live that to the deepest potential with each other. Working with animals is truly a part of who she is!

Through years of training, experience and ongoing education, Amberly is walking her path, learning from the animals. Through them, she is honored to be a bridge that allows others to experience them on that deep level

Hearing Nature’s Voice
Amberly Livengood
(775) 513-2642