Experience the magic of Universal Rays Healing with Joann, Soul Integration Coach (RTT hypnotherapy, Reiki, Universal Ray Healing)

As you relax in my Healing Tent, your body will be covered with warmth and angelic light. Under the healing table will be healing crystals that will support to remove stuck, limiting energies. These crystals act like a vortex, drawing negative energies out, and bringing fresh, clean, clear energies into your body, mind and soul. Along with the angels to support the Universal Rays Healing to come through in magical ways in your consciousness.

During your 30-minute session, Joann will create a powerful healing grid on your body that will work with the Universal Rays being facilitated. This includes clearing the 12 bodies energetically, bringing in prana to the chakras and meridians to create flow and ease through the body. Something you have to experience in order to shift your consciousness!

The Integrative Conscious Vibe
Joann Malanga
(973) 255-8626