For many years, mental and physical health were viewed as separate, but science has now shown us that when either is out of balance, both suffer! Nutrition is one of the most important ways to promote mental wellness through decreasing inflammation in the body, improving gut health, and supporting the brain with specific nutrients.

If you have experienced high stress levels, anxiety, depression, brain fog, or are just looking to improve your focus and mental well-being… this talk is for you!

You’ll learn about:

  • The food-mood connection
  • Foods that promote optimal mental health
  • 3 nutrients that wreak havoc on the brain and mood
  • Why timing and setting also matter

Be sure to also catch Kaytee’s Saturday Presentation at 2:30pm, the Six Pillar Approach: Create a Lifestyle that Fosters Mind & Body Wellness Long-Term

Kaytee is also offering private Nutrition Counseling for addressing the root causes of your symptoms

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