ZoZo Soap Co.

ZOZO Soap Co. is a small yet passionate soap company based in Quakertown, PA. We take pride in crafting bath and body products, as well as home essentials like candles, that celebrate the beauty of simplicity. From our nourishing soap bars to our luscious lotions, body oils, and the warm glow of our hand-poured candles, our range of handcrafted offerings is designed to transform your daily self-care routine and elevate your home environment into moments of indulgence.

Our tagline, “Simple Ingredients. Luxurious Skin,” perfectly encapsulates our commitment to using only the purest and most natural elements, ensuring that your skin not only feels pampered but also radiates with a natural, luxurious glow.


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The Conjuring Moon

The Conjuring Moon is a monthly subscription box service that follows the cycle of the Full Moon curated & designed to aid those looking for healing through the phases of the moon. We are also an online Metaphysical and Crystal shop with triple a quality gems, minerals and crystals that are ethically sourced & not synthetic. 

Our Metaphysical products come from various small businesses in the US, most of them women owned. We also make our own jewelry, body oils, bath salts and smudge mixes. 

We have a reader for Expos, her name is Maggie and she is 4th generation psychic & intuitive.  
I am also an author with 2 published books and 2 more to be published by the end of the year.


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4:30pm (20min): Living with an Intuitive with Adele Saccarelli-Cavallaro

In this funny, yet informative, truth telling presentation, Adele shares many stories about her unique relationship with her intuitive husband. 

Listen as she shares her findings about the things that blinded her from her intuition. Intuition is made easy, clearer and better interpreted when you are more conscious, aware, and open and when your limited beliefs are not in the way, or have been resolved. Adele takes you back to her childhood where her intuition started and then how she shut it down because of what she perceived about her environment.

Adele’s uplifting demeaner encourages and motivates anyone facing life’s challenges and finds themselves struggling with creating, with maybe a difficult relationship or simply with dwelling on the past.

Come listen to Adele’s stories about the invisible and her first encounter with her intuition husband, which changed the trajectory of her life!


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Sun 3:30pm (45min): Forging New Relationships with Your Ancestors with Amaya Victoria

We are related to five ancestors; blood, bone, breath, heart, and spirit. For the last 70 years we have incarnated for several major tasks, one of which is to complete the ancestral wheel. This wonderful task has been deeply driven into our souls and DNA, directly connecting all of us together, including the 7 generations who have lived before us. During this 45 minute experience, we shall explore and touch gently on two inquiries: Are you one of your original ancestors? And what ancestor of the five ways of the last seven generations do you need to connect with?

Come to circle with others of like minded searching. Let us together consciously complete a holy cycle. 

After getting settled either sitting or laying, Amaya will help to take you through the sacred journey of meeting important ancestors. Bringing back with you memory, messages and knowledge to be integrated and used in your life for the good. And for the good of others. For as one heals all are affected.

There will be time towards the end of the experience for sharing. You are welcome to bring a pillow and mat. Chairs will be available. Please be on time, as when the process begins the circle will be closed so no distractions will occur.


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