Alison Sahoo, Pranic Healing Bucks County

Experience the magic of Pranic Crystal Healing with Alison or Ellen!  As you relax in our Healing Tent, your body will be covered with sparkling healing crystals that will remove stuck, limiting energies. These crystals are specially cut to act like a vortex, drawing negative energies out, and bringing fresh, clean, clear energies into your chakras. During your 30 minute session, your healer will create a powerful crystal healing grid on your body that will…

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Amaya Victoria, Shamanic Healing

Heartspeak Healing: It is our hearts that lead; it is our souls that use our hearts to create. Through energetic body work, Heartspeak Healing will help you get to the root of your issues, bridging the gap between the spiritual and practical in order to manifest your magnificence into this world. 30 and 45 minute sessions available. Price of sessions at discounted rates are: $50.00 for 30 minutes and $75.00 for 45 minutes. Cash or…

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Amberly Livengood, Hearing Nature’s Voice

Amberly has been a professional animal communicator and nature intuitive since 2008. Her experience and training are in both Telepathic Animal Communication and Shamanic Animal Communication and she has worked with hundreds of animals from all over the world both domestic and wild. Her passion is to help deepen the connection and understanding between people and their animals. Amberly believes all animals come into our lives with beautiful messages, things to share and lessons to…

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Arrise Reiki Massage

I offer Therapeutic Bodywork and Channeled Healing on a somatic level incorporating the body mind and spirit. I work with the Elements, Angelic Frequencies of light and Chi or Prana to bring forth the highest healing and good for the recipient. Visualization Meditations, Breathing, & Mudras are added into sessions to amplify healing. A clothed session can include gentle compressions & stretching to help move energy through the body. Jasmine Sierra(215)

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Aura Explorer Photography

Aura Explorer photography is a passion project for Emily Musgrave, a fiber artist from Bushkill, Pa. This journey of exploration into auras and the ability to see how people are using their energy has profoundly changed her life. Hoping to share this experience with others is now her mission. Aura photography is a way to see how you are wearing and using your energy to better understand yourself . It can be a great tool…

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Bhumi Healing

Healing through Mother Earth. Organic, Aromatherapy, Reiki & Crystal Infused Skincare, Candles, Japa Malas & Self Care. Sonam is also a Reiki & Gong Master, Birth & Postpartum Doula & Yoga Teacher. Sonam Sondhi(732)

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Charee Janelle, Miraculous Enterprises

Charee Janelle offers a wide variety of Signature Sacred Services that are all designed to heal, guide, or empower you! They include Multiform Healing, Sound Healing, Thai Yoga Massage, Cupping Therapy, Spiritual Mentorship, Channeled Soul Guidance, Reiki Healing, Yoga Classes, Hypnosis, Couples Sacred Soul Healing, Sacred Ceremonies, and Reiki Training & Certification. As a Divine Conduit for Miraculous Transformations, you will find Charee’s enlightened awareness, loving presence, and expert skills enhance your well-being on every…

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Crystals in Copper

We create unique handcrafted jewelry and other one-of-a-kind items inspired by nature incorporating healing copper and gemstones. Copper bracelets, gemstone necklaces, 3D flowers and trees, Suncatchers, and more. Crystals in Copper(973)

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Dayana, Somatic Healing and Energy Medicine

Dayana will be offering Somatic Healing and Energy Medicine, including the Arcturian Healing Light. We hear much about our heart, with its 40,000 dendrites, and its ability to send more messages to the brain than any other organ, earning it the name “Heart’s little brain”. Accurately called “the Seat of the Soul”, spirituality has also explored the heart’s potential for authenticity, kindness, and love. These days, the new renaissance of psychedelic therapies and their current…

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Deborah Pietruszka, Past Life Readings; Serendipity Meadows

Do you remember how a carousel ride can provide you with different and variable experiences as compared to merely standing nearby and watching the carousel move in a circle? You may also have noticed patterns occurring. In a similar way, past life patterns can be accessed through past life hypnotherapy and past life readings. Join Debbie Pietruszka, integrative healer and certified hypnotherapist to gain insight into how your past lives impact your current life. Attendees…

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Dingmans Fairy Enchanted Goods

Herbal Teas and Remedies, Infused Honey, All Natural Bug Spray, Natural Hair Spray, Other Natural Products, Wind Chimes, Witch Bells, Crystals, Sun Catchers, Witch Kits, Simmer Pot Kits, Spell Kits, Travel Altars, Jewelry, Dream Catchers, Fairy Lights, Crystal infused Water Bottles, Bath Salts, Besom Brooms, Tarot Cards and Bags, Various Other Items (more…)

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Donnamarie Artsye

My name is Donna from Donnamarie Artsye and I offer sound baths, accompany mediations with sound as well as yoga. I play a multitude of earth instruments and handpans. I also lead workshops for handpans that could be played simultaneously. I do this all voluntarily, and I sell crystals to offset my cost. My goal is to just simply help people. I also sell very unique hand carved crystals to offset my costs. I would…

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Dr. Carlene Maria, Calculating Grace

At Calculating Grace, Carlene provides Human Design readings, custom Human Design charts, Emotion Code sessions, and ongoing coaching. These services empower you to understand your energy, release trapped emotions, and live out your life potential. In these sessions, you can: – Understand what’s causing life challenges through Human Design readings- Easily refer to your unique design with custom charts- Release emotions hindering your progress with Emotion Code sessions- Benefit from ongoing support as you apply…

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Dreamtime Healing using Holographic Kinetics

Introductory Sessions available for a special expo price. Learn about this unique and powerful modality – take the first step today to change the repeating patterns that are holding you back & take control of your life and learn to be able to assist others to make changes.  Holographic Kinetics is down to earth and direct, working with the most powerful force – your Spirit.  “Nothing has to be the way it was” – Steve Richards …

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Emerge Quantum Wellness

I am a Holistic Nurse, Intuitive Energy Healer, Quantum Frequency Coach, Yoga Practitioner, Mother, Kombucha cultivator, and Muffin maker. I am excited to be venturing into the world of Quantum Science with the Healy bioresonance frequency device… and I am seeing major shifts in my consciousness and life! I want to share this with anyone who feels resonant with this and to unlock the innate wisdom within their own body, mind, and spirit and to…

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Enlightened Soul Communication

The significance of soul communication and soul healing, life purpose, soul journey, reincarnation, soul standing, karma, and the nature of Tao will be discussed. Participants will experience a hands-on learning healing session and receive a group soul song healing blessing. Isayel Vojtasek(484)

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Green Aventurine Reiki

High frequency Quantum Reiki Healing, including products that channel ancient Egyptian language and hieroglyphs. Healing includes ascension activations, chakra activations, entity removal, activation of spiritual gifts, physical ailment removals etc. I will also provide Psychic Energy Readings. (more…)

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Healing Sound Experience

Angelo has over 30 years experience as a professional musician.  He was privately trained on a number of different instruments.  His scholastic training and education was in music and also Radiation Therapy; a field he has worked in for over 20 years.  He holds a Certificate in Sound Healing from the Globe Institute, San Francisco, CA and has studied sound engineering and music production for over ten years.  He is co-owner of  Sound Spark Productions…

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Henna by Ash NJ (Sat Only)

Temporary henna for kids, teens, and adults. Henna is a plant based art. It leaves a mark or stain on the skin. It can last anywhere from 7 to 14days. Glitter henna is available for kids. I also sell mandala wood burning art, ornaments etc. Henna by Ash NJAshlesha(609)

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All Natural Innovative Supplements Made in Europe Water-soluble iodine drops help with thyroid issues, balancing estrogens, cancer prevention, and more. Water-soluble iron drops help fight anemia, without causing constipation. Water-soluble chromium drops help to balance blood sugar, curbs sweet cravings and lowers cholesterol.  Iodine nasal spray inactivates viruses, decongests and fights allergies. Visit our booth for our BUY 2 GET 1 FREE offer: Buy 2 mineral drops and get 1 iodine nasal spray for free. To learn more about…

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Margaret Phillips, Angels Always Around Us

Margaret Phillips is a Psychic Medium, Reiki Master, Shamanic Energy Healer, and Life Coach who uses her many gifts and training to empower people to make positive changes in their lives. Through Angel Card Readings, Mediumship Sessions, Life Coaching, and Energy Healing, she helps people release the things that are holding them back and helps them on their spiritual journey so they can be the happy person the Universe created them to be. She works…

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MK Boutique

Decorative pillows and table runners, home-grown and home-made herbal products including spa products, smudging products, catnip toys. I also do Intuitive Goddess Oracle Readings. (more…)

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Mother Nature Minerals, LLC

Hello everyone, my name is Malika Mathis and I create handmade ethical crystal jewelry and soy eco friendly crystal candles. My aim for my shop is to be as ethical and sustainable as possible. It is so important to have crystal jewelry that is eco friendly and ethical through the entire process. The crystal/mineral industry is unfortunately unregulated and needs to be brought to justice. And because of this I am continuously working with my…

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