Asttarte Deva Healing

Asttarte helps Women to expand and experience deep self love, be fully free in their bodies and be who they truly are. She helps Couples have deeper emotional, spiritual and sexual intimacy than they ever experienced before. And she helps Soul Men find their Bliss!



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Gypsy Hydration

Gypsy Hydration, under the leadership of CEO Bobbi, a seasoned nurse with almost three decades of experience, is dedicated to offering a range of IV infusion formulas focused on health and wellness. With formulas like Immunity Boost, Migraine Relief, and Pagana’s Pregame, our treatments primarily consist of essential vitamins and minerals.

We provide private home appointments and cater to small private events at group rates. For larger gatherings, our 10’x20’ tent equipped with chairs can accommodate multiple customers simultaneously, creating a festival-like experience. Each session begins with a consultation with our knowledgeable nurses to determine the most suitable formula for your needs. Our professional staff ensures a comfortable and relaxed environment throughout your visit.

Dr. Charles Pagana, our esteemed Medical Director, brings over two decades of experience as a state-licensed physician since 1994. His commitment to community well-being aligns seamlessly with our mission of promoting health and wellness through Gypsy Hydration’s services.


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CarrollCare Iridology and Wellness, LLC

What is iridology?
Iridology is the study of health via an examination of the iris, (colored section of the eye) the sclera (white of the eye) and the structural aspects of the eye including the pupil, pupil border and collarette.

The iris is the most complex external structure of the human anatomy. It has a reflex connection to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the nervous system. Through the optic nerves, which are attached to the eyes, visual information is sent to the brain. At the same time there is information sent back to the eyes from the brain about the state of the organs and tissues in your body. There are no two irises exactly alike just like fingerprints. The color and pattern of iris fibers will determine underlying inherent weakness, which may or may not be activated according to the way you eat, drink, feel, live and love. Using an iridology camera, I assess the variations of color and fiber structure to assess the strength of the physical body, as well as aspects of the personality, which can be influenced by conscious and subliminal emotional patterns.


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Sharon Roache, Emotion/Body Code

Emotion Code/Body Code sessions:
The Emotion Code and the Body Code were created by Dr. Bradley Nelson.  

The Emotion Code releases trapped emotions quickly and permanently, working with your subconscious, using a simple muscle testing technique,. It can help you clear the way in order to create what you desire.

“The Body Code™ is a patented, revolutionary energy balancing system.  The Body Code system – which includes The Emotion Code – works with the subconscious mind and Kinesiology.  It’s intended to help you discover root causes of ailments and imbalances in body and spirit, such as:

* Anxiety
* Sleep issues
* Financial challenges
* Chronic discomfort
* Hormonal issues
* Fatigue
* Weight challenges
* Digestive trouble
* Joint issues
* And Much More…


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Nourished Heart Healing

Multidimensional Energy/Intuitive Readings and Light Language Activations for the exquisitely sensitive!

In these sessions, I will connect in the etheric realm with Spirit, your celestial team of loving guides (Angelic, Galactic, and Ascended Masters) and your Divine Self, to offer heart-nourishing messages of comfort, and clarity to assist on your journey. This session is completely divinely-guided and may include Tarot/Oracle cards, Sound Healing elements, Light Language, and/or Energy clearing/work. We may explore past-lives, parallel lives, Soul family connections and the Akashic Records. These unique sessions can help unlock your innate psychic gifts and catalyze your empathic superpowers, as well as illuminate your Divine purpose as a pure, infinite expression of Source. 

Nourished Heart Healing is dedicated to illuminating your Divine Spark within through empowerment and heart-centered intuitive messages. It is my goal to help you reconnect with your precious Divine Self and awaken or reawaken your multidimensional essence. Through psychic empowerment, it is my sincere wish that you may experience confidence and clarity in your own gifts and that your light is spread through a magnificent ripple effect to humanity and Gaia as we continue to shift into 5D Earth consciousness.


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