SunPsychic Jean

SunPsychic Jean will provide psychic and medium readings, interpret messages from loved ones who have crossed over. SunPsychic Jean will also provide messages from pets still here in this world and those who have crossed over. SunPsychic Jean provides messages from your Spirit Guides and Angels to assist you with your personal and spiritual growth.


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Lina Chero Animal Communicator and Energy Healer

Lina Chero is an Animal Communicator and Energy Healer whose mission is to enhance the relationship with your animal companion through the beauty of communication and energy healing which includes Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) for animals and their people and other healing techniques and practices to support the love and care you have for each other.


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Nourished Heart Healing

Multidimensional Energy/Intuitive Readings and Light Language Activations for the exquisitely sensitive!

In these sessions, I will connect in the etheric realm with Spirit, your celestial team of loving guides (Angelic, Galactic, and Ascended Masters) and your Divine Self, to offer heart-nourishing messages of comfort, and clarity to assist on your journey. This session is completely divinely-guided and may include Tarot/Oracle cards, Sound Healing elements, Light Language, and/or Energy clearing/work. We may explore past-lives, parallel lives, Soul family connections and the Akashic Records. These unique sessions can help unlock your innate psychic gifts and catalyze your empathic superpowers, as well as illuminate your Divine purpose as a pure, infinite expression of Source. 

Nourished Heart Healing is dedicated to illuminating your Divine Spark within through empowerment and heart-centered intuitive messages. It is my goal to help you reconnect with your precious Divine Self and awaken or reawaken your multidimensional essence. Through psychic empowerment, it is my sincere wish that you may experience confidence and clarity in your own gifts and that your light is spread through a magnificent ripple effect to humanity and Gaia as we continue to shift into 5D Earth consciousness.


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Loretta Vasso, The Psychic Partners

Access your inner wisdom with intuitive readings using a variety of divination tools, including Tarot cards, Gemstones, Pendulum & Goddess Oracle cards, interpreted by Psychic-Medium Loretta Vasso.


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Aura Explorer Photography (Saturday)

Aura Explorer photography is a passion project for Emily Musgrave, a fiber artist from Bushkill, Pa. This journey of exploration into auras and the ability to see how people are using their energy has profoundly changed her life. Hoping to share this experience with others is now her mission.

Aura photography is a way to see how you are wearing and using your energy to better understand yourself . It can be a great tool to validate work you have been doing and also see where you need to do more! Two people can take a photo together and show how their energies blend together .

$40 per photo with a in depth reading. Come explore the light within you.


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